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Pre-Season Junior Training

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Looking for some more hockey over the school holidays?

UQHC has some 2 day training 'blocks' for our junior players.

These sessions are not so much for those new to hockey, they are training sessions designed to hone your skills ready for the new season.
Players will be separated by age group and by skill level (different groups at different times), under the guidance of Neil Shearer, the clubs new 'Head of Junior Coaching'.


The first 2 day block (7th and 8th Dec) will now only be for Advanced Players and Goal Keepers.
The Thursday will start at 1:30 and go til 3pm. The Friday will start at 2pm and go to 3:30pm. This block will be at Easts Hockey Club.

The second Block has been cancelled.

Block 3 and 4 will now be held at UQ field 4.

Junior training- 2

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