Junior Turf

UQHC has strong teams in both the Girls and Boys Junior Turf competitions.


J’s is the highest grade of hockey played at the Junior level.  All games are played on synthetic turf and the competition is separated into a J1 and J2 division.

Boys must be 12 years or older as at the 1st January 2017 to play in this competition.  

UQ Junior Hockey Club is hoping to field teams in both J1 and J2 divisions for the 2017 season.

Training consists of 2 x 1 hour sessions with J1 playing of a Friday evening and J2 playing of a Saturday morning.

Players playing multiple age groups

If a Junior boy plays more than one age group he will be required to attend training for both teams with his primary commitment to his actual age division.

Junior Girls Turf & Grass

Junior Turf 

WHEN : Friday nights

WHERE : Rotate between Brisbane's turf facilities

SEASON STARTS : Friday 10 March 17

Turf Facilities in Brisbane 

Junior Grass

U11, U13 and Js 

WHEN : Saturday mornings

WHERE : Downey Park Windsor

SEASON STARTS : Saturday 22 April 17

Senior Women's Grass Fixtures start

@ Downey Park
Junior Boys Training
J2, U15 & U11
Rookey Training
Under 7's & Under 9's
Women's Grass Training
Oval 5
First Under 7's and Under 9's Games at Rasey Park
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