Parking Pass

As Car Park 10 is a 'all day' parking zone it qualifies for the discount 'Off-Peak' parking scheme offered by UQ.

Off-peak permits allow parking for members of sporting teams who participate in training and competition. The permit gives access to 1½ P, 14P Hourly and 14P Daily parking zones between the hours of 3:45pm and 8:00am. The Off-peak permit is not valid in Service & Maintenance bays at any time.

Off-peak permits are also a cheaper parking alternative for regular visitors to the Aquatic Centre, the Tennis Centre, and indoor sports venues, and for TESOL and IML students.

Fees: Current Prices
To Apply: Complete this Form.
After completing the form please deliver it by fax, email, or by hand to PF Assist, Level 2 Prentice Bldg (42).

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